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Meet Dennis Conway
Dennis Conway considers himself a “Happy Hybrid” between the video production and history / theory areas of academia.   He currently works as an Associate Professor and Mass Media Area Head (supervising ten faculty and staff) at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia.   A New Jersey native, Dennis graduated from Cornell University as a Government (Political Theory) major.   He later graduated from New York University’s Film & Television Production Graduate School.

After years of working in corporate media, public TV, video production houses and independent film, Dennis wrote, directed, edited and produced a feature film “Garden,” a screwball comedy which played at film festivals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Afterward he took his first college teaching job at Sam Houston State University near Houston, Texas.   Since then Dennis has taught 23 different college classes, including writing, performance, audio, studio, and field production, as well as history, theory and graduate school courses.

Dennis has written 11 screenplays.   His script, “Multicultural,” won First Place in the Short Story category from the UFVA (University Film and Video Association) Writing Division in 2012.   His short script, “Second Look,” won an Award of Excellence from the BEA Writing Division in 2011.   His feature length script, “Violent Nature,” won another Award of Excellence from the BEA in 2008.   It also won a Chesterfield Contest award as a Semi-Finalist.

Dennis’s other films include “Good Country People,” an adaptation of a famous American comedy short story, “Advised,” a short comedy about an ambitious student , and “Undertones: Music from the New York City Subways,” a documentary about diversity among N.Y.C. subway performers, and other pieces.

Dennis has also been published seven times in BEA academic journals, three of which researched film festivals, and one of which researched U.S. State Film Board incentives.   That last piece, “Are Incentives from U.S. State Film Offices to Media Productions Worth the Money?” won honors from the BEA (Broadcast Education Association), and was included in their 2013 “Scholar-to-Scholar” poster board session by the PAC (Production, Aesthetics, and Criticism) Division.

Future publications include an essay on the film, “School of Rock,” in Dr. Mary Dalton’s upcoming sequel to her book, “The Hollywood Curriculum: Teachers in the Movies.”

He has served as past Chair of the BEA Writing Division, and Chair of the BEA PAC Division Faculty Video Production contest.   He is a regular moderator and panelist at the national Broadcast Education Association and University Film & Video Association yearly conferences.

"I feel lucky to live in the Digital Age, in which students and teachers can create dramatic films on modest budgets, and make their characters come alive."  Dennis Conway